5 Myths About Renting a Limo

From a young age, we are taught to associate limousines and luxury vehicles with wealth, excessiveness and fancy events. And while it is true that you would take such vehicles to a fancy event, it is not the only purpose of riding in such a vehicle. In fact, renting a limo is something that could be done on a normal day, and it would make complete sense. Here are five myths about renting a limo that we want to strike down.


1. Exclusively for the Rich

The worst of the myths about renting a limo is that only the uber-rich can afford them. It is simply not true. When you think of the amenities and the fixed price, renting a limo for a few hours is not very expensive at all – especially if you are splitting the cost among a few people.

Most limos can fit between eight to fifteen – and that means you can all cover the cost together. If you are heading to the airport with family or friends, or going to a party in the city, renting a limo may be the cheapest and safest mode of transportation!


2. Limos Can Only Handle Short Trips

While many people rent limos to ride short distances to special events, these vehicles are high end and extremely durable. It means they can go long distances without any problems. If you want to complete a 100-mile journey with five other people in a limo – it is no problem. You will get there safely, and the limo will show no signs of slowing down at any point in the trip. Limos get decent gas mileage too!


3. Limo Drivers Do Not Know English

Sadly, there is a misconception that when you ride in a limo, you are probably dealing with a foreign driver who does not even know English. Here is another myth about renting a limo, because all limo drivers are fluent in English and are very much literate. Even if your driver has an accent, it just means they were born elsewhere. When you converse with them, you will realize they are more than fluent in English!


4. It Is Hard to Find a Reputable Limo Service

Among the myths about renting a limo, this is another frustrating one. There are so many great limousine service providers in your city, and you may not even know about them. All it takes is one or two internet searches and you will find a giant list of limo service providers with great reviews. And the best part is that every provider will have a full list of services and prices on its website.


5. Only Executives Need Limos

Even if you are heading to a friend’s wedding, a graduation party, prom or a family Christmas dinner, you can rent a limo. There is no rule that says you should only rent one of these vehicles if you are a corporate titan or a Hollywood celebrity. Everyday people can benefit even more from limos, especially when traveling in groups!