5 Things You Can Do to Make This Valentine’s Day Special

While the holiday season may be over, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! The holiday can seem overwhelming with all the advertisements of products that you are expected to buy. Delivering a wonderful Valentine’s Day to your partner is not about products, but experiences. Here are five things you can do to enjoy a special Valentine’s Day.

1. Go On An Adventure

Sometimes it is great to shake things up. If you spend most special days going for a fancy dinner, maybe you could plan an adventure this Valentine’s Day. Research nearby hiking trails, biking spots and camping areas. You could plan a scenic bike ride, hiking trip or a camping night with your spouse. It is the perfect way to spend some alone time, while enjoying the natural beauty of the area where you live.

2. Plan a Picnic

Sticking with an outdoor theme, you could plan a picnic with your spouse. Get all your favorite snacks and drinks together, pack them up and head for the great outdoors. It is an affordable plan that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful weather, while getting some alone time with your spouse. You could even give them a special gift during the picnic.

3. Trip to a Vineyard

The beauty of living in California is the easy access to the best vineyards in the nation. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than taking a tour of vineyards around the SoCal area. You could rent a limousine for the day, get started early and hit a few of the best spots. If your spouse loves wine, they will be so amazed at your thoughtful surprise.

4. Cook a Meal Together

Have you been talking about cooking more? Is there a special meal your spouse always mentions when they are discussing food? Check out recipes online, buy all the ingredients and surprise them with a cooking plan for the evening! It is a great way to reconnect, as you work together to craft a great meal. Then you can enjoy your food with some music or a movie.

5. Check Out an Arcade

Do you both love playing games? You are bound to find a vintage arcade in the area that you can check out. Many arcades now double as bars, which means you can get a few cocktails and get the night started in the perfect way. Think about renting a limousine for the evening, as it will allow you to get around the city safely. You could even get dinner at a trendy restaurant after a few hours of playing games!