5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Chauffeured Services

People have an idea regarding chauffeured services in their mind that is very far from the truth. They believe that chauffeured transportation is expensive, snobbish and only available for the elite. It is the complete opposite. Luxury car services are affordable, accessible and the friendliest way to travel. Here are five things you may not know about chauffeured services.

1. Rewards Systems

The top luxury cary services in the area, such as A Touch of Class, offer rewards programs to their customers. It means that each time you book a trip, you are accruing points that can be used for discounts in the future. It is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a luxury car service, while getting the same experience for a lower cost in the future.

2. You Can Drink in Limos

When you book a limousine for a fancy night out, you can drink inside to your heart’s content. You will have to bring your own drinks, but there will be coolers and possibly a fridge where you can place your beverages.

3. You Book For The Day

One of the reasons why limos can be more affordable is because you are booking for the day. If you are planning several long rides throughout the day, calling a taxi multiple times will cost a lot of money. You are billed by the mile and minute by those companies. Limos are a flat fee, which means you can ride as much as you want within that time.

4. Communicate With a Chauffeur

You can communicate with your chauffeur through text. It is the best way to know where they are, when you are thinking about leaving the place where you are currently located. Just send your chauffeur a text saying they should bring the car around – and they will be there within minutes.

5. You Can Even Rent a Party Bus

Did you know that you can rent a vehicle big enough for an entire party? If you are planning a bachelor party or a massive family reunion, you can rent a party bus for the whole crew. Some of them are so fancy, including amenities such as strobe lights, sound systems and flat screen televisions. You can also rent a more modest bus, which would be more suitable if you have a lot of family visiting or need to take an entire team at work to a nearby conference.