6 Ways a Limousine is Better Than an Uber

We often hear about the many benefits of using Uber to call for a ride. And while there are moments where an Uber suffices, the service has nothing on luxury transportation companies. Hiring a limo is THE only way to travel for business or pleasure. Here are six ways a limousine is better than an Uber for transportation.


  1. Professional

Riding in an Uber means getting a ride from an average citizen. They may not even know the proper route to your destination, and can easily get lost. Limo services offer highly trained and vetted drivers, which translates to a much better experience.


  1. Patience

Will an Uber driver wait an extra five minutes if you are late? When arriving from the airport, or leaving a business meeting, delays are expected. Your limo and driver will remain outside until you arrive, no matter how long it takes.


  1. Upfront Rates

Uber is advertised as the budget option, but you only find out the final fee when your ride is over. And if you need a car for longer than 15-20 minutes, you are looking at a very costly ride. Limo services deliver upfront rates for peace of mind.


  1. Incredible Experience

Riding in a limo or luxury sedan is a special experience. You are not just in someone’s old car, but in a spotless and classy vehicle where your comfort is the number one priority.


  1. Amenities

The best limo company offers so many amenities to its customers, including advanced reservations, concierge services, easy online booking, door to door service, and more.


  1. Create an Impression

When you are traveling for business, going from one meeting to another through Uber is not good enough. You may get to each location, but what type of impression are you creating? Do you want your clients to see you getting out of an Uber or a luxury limo?