6 Ways Non-Emergency Medical Transport Can Make Your Life Better

Visiting a doctor for a medical appointment or heading to physical rehabilitation can be frustrating. When you are sick or injured, driving is a challenge. And your family cannot always be there to take you, especially on a weekday.

Non-emergency medical transportation is an ideal way to get to appointments that are not an emergency. Here are six ways using a luxury car service for non-emergency medical appointments can make your life better.

1. Safe

When you are riding in a luxury limousine or sedan, you are completely safe. Top companies like A Touch of Class use a fleet of new, well maintained vehicles driven by professional chauffeurs. Even if you are moving through traffic on a busy highway, you can relax knowing you are in good hands.

2. Convenient

It is so easy to book a luxury car for a medical appointment. You can use the website or mobile app, setting the appointment based on day and time. Your chauffeur and car will arrive outside your door – fifteen minutes early – ready to take you to the doctor. And the chauffeur waits outside until your appointment is finished to take you home.

3. Friendly

Chauffeurs are not only great drivers and punctual, but they are also friendly and helpful. Your chauffeur will have a smile on their face as they greet you, while you can always ask them to make extra stops should you need to run any errands before or after your appointment.

4. Accessible

At A Touch of Class, we are aware that people have different levels of accessibility, especially when visiting a doctor. Chauffeurs are trained to help patients with crutches or those who are in a wheelchair. You will get help in stepping in and out of the car, ensuring that you can comfortably make your appointment.

5. Affordable

People assume that luxury cars and limos are expensive. But booking for a few hours in the day is very affordable, especially if you are a regular. You can get rewards for each trip, which lowers the cost of your future bookings.

6. Peace of Mind

Everyone in your family will feel comfortable and relaxed when you are taking a luxury car to a medical appointment. They do not have to worry about you dealing with rude taxi or Uber drivers. And you could even request the same chauffeur if you had a good experience on your first trip. If they are free that day, they will be assigned your trip!