Cheap Limos Near Me (What to Avoid)

It is so tempting to go for the cheapest limo service that is available, but it is not always a great idea. While the cheap limos do offer low entry prices, there is always a watch. Many of the cheap limos near me do not offer the types of amenities and security you would expect from a high-class service. In fact, it can end up feeling like you are overpaying for a basic taxi service, not a luxury limousine.

Here are three things to avoid when you are selecting between local limousine services. And remember that when a company is offering a very low base price, it could be due to the absence of certain important features.


  1. Lack of Insurance

If a limousine company does not have insurance, it can be hugely problematic when you are involved in any type of incident. Perhaps you are unhappy with your service, lose an item in your baggage or feel a driver was abusive toward you. When a limousine company does not have insurance, it can be a lot more difficult to make and receive a claim from them.


  1. Injury Waivers

There is a trick among many of the cheaper limo companies to force customers into signing an injury waiver before their trip. Such a waiver indicates that if you were to get injured while riding the limo, you would not place any blame on the driver or the limousine company. It is a mistake to ever sign such a waiver, because it would eliminate your chances of claiming rightful compensation should you get hurt during your limo ride.


  1. Minimal Amenities

When a limo ride is so cheap that you cannot believe it – you can bet some amenities are being left out. You may find that you are riding in an older vehicle that is not very clean. Your driver may not be the most courteous. You will certainly not have any free champagne or snacks waiting for you when you enter the limo. And you may even be charged more for making extra stops.

If you want an exemplary limousine experience, it is important to find the best limousine service provider in the area. A top limo company offers brand new and clean vehicles, professional and courteous drivers, full insurance coverage, no injury waivers and all the amenities you could hope to receive during your ride! That is how you should experience a limo!