Renting a Limo for Your First Date

There are certain special milestones in every young man and woman’s life. Graduating from high school, going to prom, getting married and going on a first date are just some of those milestones. If you are approaching that first date milestone, you may be wondering how you can plan the perfect date for your significant other!

One of the most difficult aspects of going on a first date when you are still in high school is dealing with transportation. If you live in a big city, the subway is always an option. But if you live in the suburbs or in areas where public transit is less frequently used, getting a limo for your first date is a solid plan of action.


No Parents

You may think it is overkill to rent a limo for a first date, but if you think about it, there is so much logic in the idea. If you rent a limo for your first date, your parents will not have to worry about you being in a car without a chaperone.

The limo driver can keep the divider open, which means he can always keep an eye on what is going on – something your parents will appreciate. And you will not have to ask your mom or dad to give you a lift – something that is appreciated but can get awkward very quickly! Parents are well meaning, but they can embarrass you in front of someone you have a crush on.



We can guarantee your date is going to appreciate that you rented a limo for the first date. Even if it seems over the top, being classy is nothing to be ashamed about. If you are going to a fancy restaurant, pairing up the event with a limo makes even more sense. The whole evening will seem like a dream for you both – and that only adds to the charm of the date.


No More Getting Lost

Whether you are driving or taking public transit, getting lost on a first date is far too common. You spent so much time planning the date, and you are so nervous to have your crush sitting next to you that you can easily lose concentration and take a few wrong turns – or miss your bus stop!

With a limo for your first date, these are non-issues. Your driver will know where to go, and you two can comfortably talk and relax the entire way.


Leave Parking to the Pros

What is more embarrassing than hitting your car while parallel parking on a first date? It is not the impression you want to make – so rent a limo for your first date and avoid the problem altogether. Your driver will drop you both off at the location and park nearby. When you are ready to leave, just give the driver a call or send a text message and your car will be out in front within minutes.

Going on a first date is an important milestone, and it is one that should be done right. Renting a limo is one way to make the night even more special.