Tending to Your Loved Ones: Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Not every medical appointment or trip is an emergency. There are countless medical procedures, doctor’s visits and physical therapy appointments that require traveling by car.

When you have a family member who is injured, disabled or sick, they are not in the right frame of mind to travel alone. They cannot drive themselves to non-emergency medical appointments.

The first priority is for someone in the family to take them. It serves the dual purpose of ensuring they get there safely and provides emotional support. But some appointments are at unfortunate hours, when everyone else has to work or go to school.

If no one can take your family member to their next appointment, arranging for a non-emergency medical transport is the next best option.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Luxury car service companies in the area now offer non-emergency medical transportation services. While you cannot expect to go to the emergency room in a limousine or luxury sedan, it is the best way to travel for regular doctor’s appointments or physical therapy sessions.

Your loved one will be comfortable, while you will have the peace of mind knowing they are okay. It is not as good as being there yourself, but it will make you feel better about being unable to take them.


Professional Chauffeurs

Riding in a luxury sedan is not just about the experience of the vehicle. It is also about the assurance that you are getting a professional chauffeur. These drivers are highly trained. They know how to act when they are taking an injured or sick person to a medical appointment.

If your loved one needs help with their wheelchair, crutches or other aids, the chauffeur is happy to oblige. They will ensure your loved one gets in and out of the vehicle comfortably. They will wait until the appointment is done, drive the car up to the entrance and get your loved one home safely.


Easy Booking and Payment

Unlike Uber and taxi services, where you are at the behest of the driver, you have complete security and convenience with luxury car services.

It is possible to use the online app to arrange a booking days in advance. Just pick the time, duration and the car of choice. The chauffeur and car will be outside your home 15 minutes before the set time. It will allow your loved one to comfortably get in the car, without feeling rushed.

Using a luxury car service for non-emergency medical transport is the best, safest and most comfortable way to get a loved one to their doctor’s appointment when you cannot take them!