Top 5 Things You Should Expect from Your Limo Driver

When you rent a limousine for the day, you are not only booking a car. You are booking a lifestyle. Limousines are synonymous with luxury and style, while the passengers should be treated to a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Part of that experience is the chauffeur who will be driving you around for the next few hours. They are more than just a taxi driver, as they are expected to provide you with a first class service throughout. Here are five things to expect from your limo driver:

1. Properly Licensed

Any chauffeur that is driving a limo for A Touch of Class will be properly vetted, trained and licensed. It is always possible to ask a driver to provide proof they have a chauffeur’s license, before your trip begins. All reputable companies give away that information to ensure their passengers have peace of mind.

2. Professionally Dressed

Chauffeurs do not rock up to work in jeans and a baggy t-shirt. When you see your chauffeur step out of the limousine, you will noticed they are dressed in proper and formal attire. It is the minimum that you should expect from your driver.

3. Always On Time

There are no fears about missing an appointment or flight when you are taking a limousine, because your chauffeur will never be late. They are taught to arrive fifteen minutes EARLY so that you have plenty of time to get your possessions into the car and head off for the day.

4. Knowledgeable of the Area

Say you need to stop for some food or a missing essential before you head to the airport. Or you are on a day trip and want to see if there are any sights to check out nearby. A chauffeur who knows the area will be able to point out some great attractions or stops that will help you make the trip even more enjoyable.

5. Going The Extra Mile

Chauffeurs at A Touch of Class are taught to give the customer the best experience of their life. A chauffeur is someone who will be willing to go the extra mile. They are pleasant, polite and very helpful. If you need anything or have a last minute change of plans, your chauffeur will accommodate you with a smile on their face.

Never settle when you are renting a limousine for the day. Expect excellence from your chauffeur!