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A Touch of Class Transportation, Inc. dba “Touch of Class Limousine Service” is one of the largest non-emergency medical ground transportation providers in Northern California.

Non-emergency medical transportation involves getting a patient to and from the source of medical care when the medical condition is not life threatening
Touch of Class Limousines provides its non-emergency medical clients with over 15 years of experience servicing passengers who do not need wheelchair accessible vehicles but who can not drive and who just need a ride.

Touch of Class Limousine Service has excellent computerized tracking and reservation systems as well as cameras in many of its vehicles for the documentation of events if an incident should occur.

A great example of non-emergency medical transportation would be a client who needs to go in for a non emergency procedure such as:

- Colonoscopy
- Outpatient Plastic Surgery
- Vasectomy
- Lasik Surgery
- Physical Therapy
- Chiropractic Appointment

The benefit of Touch of Class Chauffeured transportation providing these types of non-emergency medical transportation in our fleet of sedans, suburban and van is the time and cost saving this service encourages. A great example of cost savings would be asking a friend or loved one to take you to and return you home from one of these procedures. They leave their job, drive to your home, pick you up, deliver you to the doctor’s office or outpatient location, then return to work. Later, they leave their job, drive to your appointment, drive you home then drive back to work.

The cost to your friend or loved one is:

- Time and productivity at work
- Possible loss of income or use of “days off”
- Cost of Gasoline
- Wear and Tear on their vehicle
- Resentment towards you

Please consider the convenience and reasonable cost that Touch of Class and its family of chauffeurs can provide you with. Our Chauffeurs are required to obtain commercial drivers licenses, are put through a company specific training program and have the full support of a staff of reservationists, management and dispatchers to assist them in our company’s overall effort to provide phenomenal customer service while being sensitive to the needs of our clientele.

Touch of Class Limousine service can provide transportation for medical appointments in different cities, eliminating the need for overnight stays and is an extremely worry free method of travel.

The non-emergency medical transportation services are provided 24 hour per day, and our services are available every day of the year.



At Touch of Class Limousine Service, ground transportation for surgeons, physicians and transplant coordinators is an ever growing portion of our business.

We will meet your team on the tarmac, deliver them to the requested hospital or specified location, wait, then return your team to their jet or desired location.

Touch of Class has been providing ground transportation services to medical professionals for decades.

Medical Coordinators

24 hours per day, every day of the year, Touch of Class Limousine Service relies on its amazing team of office staff, dispatchers and chauffeurs to cater to the needs of clients who need immediate ground transportation services at any time and ASAP if needed.

With years of hard work and dedication, Touch of Class has established itself as the premier choice for many who use ground transportation services for medical coordinators nationwide.

Managers are available 24 hours per day to assist medical professionals with any concerns they may have. Touch of Class is An Amazing Company Doing Amazing Things For Amazing People.

Worker’s Compensation Clients

Touch of Class Limousine Service and its employees have a multitude of years of experience providing ground transportation services to worker’s compensation clients nationwide. Our chauffeurs are trained to function as directed by the Client, not the passenger. If you represent a medical facility that utilizes Touch of Class Limousine Service to provide service to your client, we are trained to provide both our client, your firm, and your client with our chauffeur’s telephone number. We are also trained to abide by the directions given to us by the medical facility or worker’s compensation company and to contact our client if our passenger requests any changes to the itinerary.

Our vehicles are equipped with safety equipment such as Global Positioning Systems, Onstar and many of our vehicles are equipped with cameras that activate in the case of an incident.

Whether your client needs to be picked up and delivered within the same city or driven to another state, Touch of Class Limousine Service is here to assist you with your Worker’s Compensations ground transportation needs.

Touch of Class is properly licensed with the Public Utilities Commission State of California for all interstate ground transportation and with the federal Department of Transportation for all intrastate ground transportation needs. TCP13417B. US DOT 1012645.

“The Story”

Touch of Class Limousine Service is very proud of its dedication to safety as well as service. We are extremely proud of the intelligence and care our employees demonstrate towards our company as well as to one another.

In 2007, one of our chauffeurs was in the Los Angeles area. He had dropped his corporate client up at a medical appointment as was to pick the client up at the end of the appointment. The client was to call the chauffeur when he was ready to go.

After several attempts at contacting the chauffeur, the client became worried about the chauffeur and contacted the Touch of Class Limousine Service main office.

Our office staff then tried contacting our chauffeur multiple times before of course allowing their minds to assume the worst that our chauffeur was dead.

Our team of dedicated reservationists, located our vehicle with our satellite tracking unit, Google Earthed the address of the vehicle, identified the vehicle as well as a building next to our vehicle, read the name of the company, used and internet search engine to locate the company, retrieved the phone number, called the company, spoke to the security department who walked outside knocked on the window of our vehicle to let our chauffeur know he was there.

Our chauffeur stepped out of the vehicle, (he was not dead), spoke to the security guard, utilized the security guards phone to call our office as well as our client and of course said, “I wondered what was taking so long for the client to contact me.”

The end of the story is that the chauffeur’s cell phone was no longer operational. Upon safely delivering his clients to their home in Fresno, California, he purchased a new functional cell phone.

Technology combined with thoughtful conscientious employees are the pride of Touch of Class Limousine Service.

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Thanks for visiting our non emergency medical transportation section. We provide our services for non emergency medical transportation 24hrs & 7days a week.
We are one of the largest non-emergency medical ground transportation providers in Northern California.

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