4 Great Questions to Ask Before Renting a Limousine

The best part about limousines becoming more affordable is the fact that everyone can rent a limo for the night. A luxury that was reserved for the rich and famous is now an amenity we can all rely on!

If you have never rented a limousine before, you may be unsure about how to choose the best company. Here are four great questions you can ask before renting a limousine. They will help you determine whether you have found the best provider in the area.


  1. Do You Have Insurance?

No one expects to get into an accident when they are riding in a limousine. But unexpected events can take place.

A reputable limousine provider will have full insurance coverage, which extends to the passengers in the car. If you require medical attention from an accident in a limousine, the provider’s coverage should pay for your medical expenses.


  1. How Do You Vet Your Drivers?

Riding in a limousine is not just about the vehicle, but the person who is giving you a ride. If your driver is unprofessional, rude or a bad driver, you could have a terrible experience in the most classy of vehicles.

Ask the company about their hiring process. Do they run background checks? How much experience do their drivers possess? Do they have a training program that ensures their drivers have the necessary driving and personal skills for the job?


  1. Is There A Loyalty Program?

Limousine services are more affordable than ever, especially if you are planning on multiple trips in a single day. But the best companies have even more ways for you to save money on a ride!

A top provider should offer a loyalty program, where you get points for each booking. And as those points add up, you get access to discounts, free rides and other perks. Ask about a company’s loyalty program before you commit to using them as your number one limo service.


  1. Can I Choose My Ride?

The limousine or luxury sedan that rolls up to your address should never be a surprise. A top limousine provider will have a list of their vehicles available on the website. You can check out all these cars, limos and party buses. And when you are booking, you will indicate your preference.

By asking these four questions, you can ensure that you are choosing the best limousine provider in your area!