5 Fantastic Tips to Make Sure You Get to the Airport on Time

Business travelers know the stress of having to make a flight, only to realize they may arrive at the airport too late. Sometimes the situation can be out of your control. But there are a few precautions that you can take to ensure that you get to the airport on time for every flight.


  1. Pack The Night Before

Trying to pack for a business or personal trip on the day of your flight is a terrible idea. Always pack up your suitcase the night before, leaving only a few essentials that you can quickly throw into the bag before departing.


  1. Arrange Reliable Transportation

Relying on a taxi service or Uber to reach the airport on time is like trying to win the lottery. There is a chance you will be successful, but failure is a far more common occurrence.

Hire a luxury sedan or limousine from a chauffeured transportation company instead. These companies provide reliable and luxurious airport transport services. Your driver will be at your doorstep 15 or 20 minutes before the arranged pickup time, ensuring you will not be late.


  1. Be Ready An Hour Before Pickup

When you are planning your routine for the morning of your flight, try to arrange everything so that you are ready one hour before your pickup time. By making such a plan, you can still be ready on time if there are a few delays. If you plan on being ready at the exact time your car arrives, any delay will throw you off and could lead to a missed flight.


  1. Plan To Leave Early

Say it takes an hour to get to the airport and you want to be there by 12pm. Instead of leaving at 11am on the dot, try to leave 10 or 15 minutes early. Best case, you get to the airport and have to sit at the gate for an extra ten minutes. But even if there are delays on the road, you will get there on time!


  1. Write Down Terminal Details

Make a note of the terminal where your flight is leaving from. Do not try to discover that information when you are five minutes out from the airport!

Terminal details should be on your ticket or boarding pass. Write it down or save the information on your phone, so you can tell your chauffeur as soon as you get in the car.