5 Great Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Limousine

The big day is only a few weeks away. You are planning out the final details, getting RSVP responses from friends and family, and unable to contain your excitement ahead of wedding day!

A major part of planning for the wedding weekend is arranging transportation. While it can be tempting to use the family car, it is always a better idea to connect with a luxury transportation company.

With limousines and luxury sedans, you will have more than enough vehicles to get your wedding party to and from the various events over the weekend. And you can have a special limousine that is reserved for getting the bride and groom to the reception after the wedding is complete!

Here are five great ideas that will help you decorate your wedding limousine in the most special way:

1. Window Paint

When you get the okay from your limousine provider, you will be able to use window paint to specialize the back and sides of the limo! You can go with a classic message, such as Just Married. Or you can choose a phrase that has special meaning for you and your spouse.

2. Polaroids

Decorating a wedding limo is about more than making it feel festive. Adding a personal touch is so important. Polaroid photos stuck to different parts of the limo would be incredible, as you would come out of your wedding and see a special limousine with so many great memories plastered all over it!

3. Flowers

What doesn’t look better with flowers? Talk with your spouse and decide on the two or three flower types that you both love the most. And then decorate the limo with those. Try to choose a combination of colors, as it will make the entire vehicle look even more special!

4. Ribbons

Instead of loading the limousine full of flowers, pair them up with stylish ribbons of different colors. If you could not get flowers of a certain color, you can find ribbons of that shade in their place! You could decorate the ribbons into small bows or other shapes, if you want to get even more creative.

5. Streamers

Placing colorful streamers along the sides of the limousine, by the doors, will add a lot of excitement to the wedding limousine. It will no longer feel like a boring stretch limo, but a personalized vehicle that was built specially for your big day!