5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Non-Emergency Medical Transport

There are many instances where booking non-emergency medical transportation is a necessity. Say your family or friends are unable to give you a ride to a chemotherapy or physical therapy session. You may not be in a state to drive. And calling a taxi is out of the question, as it only leads to more problems.

If you have never hired a luxury transportation company for non-emergency medical transport, here are five questions that you should ask before confirming your booking.


  1. What type of vehicle can you select?

The best transportation companies will allow you to choose the vehicle that you will receive for the appointment. Your choices will include luxury sedans and limousines. For medical transport, a spacious sedan may be the best option, as you can sit comfortably in the back seat and get to your appointment safely.


  1. Will there be any extra charges?

Taxi services are notorious for having extra charges on top of the base fee. Whether it is because you had to sit in traffic for a few extra minutes or they took a longer route, they will charge you more than what you expected to pay.

A reputable transportation company will have a flat rate, which is based on the number of hours you are renting the vehicle and chauffeur. They will point out this rate during your booking. And you will not pay a cent more at the end of your trip!

  1. Can the transportation company accommodate special needs?

If you are heading to a doctor’s appointment or physical therapy session, you are either sick or injured. It is reasonable to assume you may need accommodation for a wheelchair, stretcher, crutches or other aids. Communicate your needs and a luxury transportation provider will ensure that your car and chauffeur are suited to those requirements.


  1. Are drivers professionally trained?

The best transport providers put their chauffeurs through a lot of training. These individuals are carefully vetted before getting the job. And they go through weeks of training, both for driving and behavior, before they go out on a job.

Your chauffeur will be polite, helpful and respectful throughout your journey. And they will wait outside until your appointment is done, before taking you home in the luxury vehicle.


  1. How far can you go in a luxury sedan or limousine?

Limousines and luxury sedans can travel as far as any car. Unless your trip is extending beyond the hours you booked, there will be no issues in regards to distance or the number of stops made.