5 Things You Can Do to Shake Things Up this Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, between lit up and decorated homes, seasonal sales, meeting family and attending work parties. But doing the same things every year can get monotonous, even if it is the holiday season. Here are five ways that you can shake up your Christmas routine this year!

1. Head to the Spa

Feeling the holiday stress this year? Consider booking a day at the spa with your spouse or closest friends. Treat yourself this year instead of worrying about what you will buy for family. And you can book a limousine to make the entire day even more of a luxurious experience!

2. Visit a Winery

The beauty of living in California is that wineries are never out of season! Even though you will not have the usual summer or spring rush, the top vineyards in SoCal will be open for business!

Imagine spending a weekend around Christmas taking a limousine to your favorite vineyards, drinking amazing wine, eating great food and roaming around cities you have not visited in years.

3. Plan a Party With Friends

If you are tired of spending the holidays isolated from everyone, think about planning a party with your friends this year. You can have it a few days before Christmas, if anyone has family obligations!

You can have it at one friend’s house, with everyone else renting a limousine or party bus and heading over there. And if everyone is feeling adventurous, you could even get a limo ride downtown to do some clubbing!

4. Host Your Family At Home

Do you still feel exhausted when you think about all the trips you made to see family last Christmas? Maybe you can try hosting everyone this year! Setup your outdoor space and the spare bedroom, and you can host your family for Christmas!

You can even surprise them by booking a party bus or limousine to pick them up at the airport. Have some fun at home, exchange gifts, play games and head out for a few drinks and great food. Talk about a wonderful Christmas!

5. Try Secret Santa

Buying presents for everyone you know can be exhausting. But you can change things up by trying Secret Santa with your friends and family. Everyone picks out a random person among your group, meaning you only have to pick out one or two special gifts this season!