5 Ways to Trim the Costs of Business Travel

With the United States economy in such a healthy position, business travel has picked up a lot in the past few years. From major company executives to entrepreneurs to mid-level employees, so many people are traveling at least one time a month for business purposes.

Most companies have significant budgets for business travel, as it is such a crucial component of establishing connections and growing a brand. But it is always helpful to reduce costs, especially for smaller businesses.

Here are five ways to trim the costs of business travel:


  1. Book Early

When possible, book flights and hotels roughly 60 days in advance. When you are traveling for annual conventions or pre-arranged seminars, the dates are set months before. Do not delay on booking flights and hotels, as it can help save anywhere from 10 to 30 percent.


  1. Arrange Transportation

Many companies assume that letting employees call a taxi or Uber when they arrive at the destination will save money. But it can end up being more expensive, especially if you need a ride to multiple locations for several days.

Hiring a chauffeured transportation company for the entire trip is much more affordable. You get a luxury sedan and a chauffeur, along with a flat rate for the entire trip. Now your employees can safely get to all their destinations without racking up huge taxi expenses.


  1. Eat Smart

Comping employees for food expenses during a business trip is a common practice in the business world. And it makes sense, as it creates a good relationship between the employee and company. But businesses should still encourage their employees to avoid unnecessarily expensive food purchases, such as buying many items at the airport or ordering room service.


  1. Find a Favorable Phone Plan

A typical phone plan does not provide many affordable options for international calling. The rates can go as high as a dollar per minute, depending on the country being visited.

Businesses that have employees traveling abroad should look into phone plans that include an international package. Such packages can drastically bring down the cost of making and receiving calls while out of the country.


  1. Avoid Checking In Bags

Employees who are traveling for a few days should be encouraged to pack their belongings in bags that can be carried onto the plan. It can save anywhere from $15 to $30 on each flight, which can add up to a lot of money over the course of the year.