5 Ways Traveling in a Limo is Safer During Holiday Weekends

The holiday weekend means a lot of excitement, especially if you live near a big city. Everyone will be attending parties, family gatherings and going out to blow off some steam. If you have fun plans for the holiday weekend, make sure that you are traveling safely and in style. Consider renting a limousine or a luxury sedan for the weekend!

Here are five ways that traveling in a limousine will keep you safer during a busy holiday weekend:

1. New Cars

When you request a taxi or Uber, you are not sure what car you will get it. The driver may have a nice, new car. Or they could be driving a ten-year-old model that badly needs some servicing.

In contrast, limousine services will only have new, well maintained vehicles that are completely safe to ride in. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are in a classy and secure vehicle for any trips you have to make during this weekend.

2. Professional Chauffeurs

A limousine or luxury sedan comes with a professionally trained, courteous chauffeur. Your driver will arrive at your door 15 or 20 minutes ahead of your pick up time. If you have any supplies or luggage you need to place in the car, they will help with that.

And they will treat you with respect throughout the weekend. Anytime you need to make an extra stop, your chauffeur will get you there safely and on time.

3. Planning Ahead

Having a plan is one of the best way to stay safe on a holiday weekend. Keep your schedule in mind, book a limousine service a few days ahead of time, and you will be all set.

Even if you have to get to the airport or train station during busy hours, you will never be in a rush. Your limo driver will be at your door early, which means you can get a head start on the journey and reach there with plenty of time to spare.

4. Avoid Drunk Driving

Studies from the past decade have shown that major days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve are the time when most people get into accidents because of intoxication.

And it often happens because people assume they are safe to drive, because they have only had one to three drinks. Do not take that risk, especially if you have your family in the car. Hire a limousine and now you will not have to worry about driving all weekend.

5. Stay Together

If you have a big family, you may want to rent a stretch limousine or a small party bus for the weekend. Instead of having to split up each time you need to go somewhere, everyone can stay together and have a wonderful time.