6 Ways a Limo is Better Than an Uber

Uber has become a very popular mode of transportation in the past few years. But similar to taxi services, there are certain disadvantages that come with every Uber experience.

In contrast, limousines offer an elite and surprisingly affordable option for short and long distance transportation. Here are six ways that a limo service is superior to an Uber ride:

1. Reliability

It is hard to know what you will get from an Uber driver. Some may be very good at their job, but others are poor drivers. In contrast, a limousine service carefully vets and trains its drivers, ensuring they are only putting customers into contact with the best.

2. Courtesy

A limousine chauffeur is more than just a driver. He will get you to your destination safely, but he will also have a pleasant and helpful demeanor. A chauffeur will help you in and out of the vehicle, help with your bags, ask if you need to make any stops and ensure that you have a pleasant trip.

3. Style

When you book an Uber, you have little control over what type of car you are riding in. A limousine service will let you choose your vehicle from a list on their website. You can choose the classiest sedan or stretch limousine, while they even have larger vehicles such as party buses!

4. Affordability

Many people assume that Ubers are always the cheapest way to get around. But if you need to go to the airport an hour away during rush hour, a limousine will probably cost less money. The same is true if you are making many stops and going a long distance, as Uber drivers charge per minute and per mile.

5. Convenience

When you have a big night out planned, you will need a ride to different bars, clubs and hot spots. It is so frustrating having to wait for an Uber each time you want to go somewhere near. Compare it to the seamless experience of having a limo driver pick you up in the afternoon and then stay with you throughout the night! One text and your driver is outside the entrance, ready to pick you up!

6. Flexibility

Limousine services will make accommodations to ensure that you have a great experience. Need a car that can fit up to ten people? Are you in a wheelchair and heading to a medical appointment? These are considerations that an Uber service cannot accommodate.