A Bakersfield Leisure Car Service for a Special Night Out

Living in Bakersfield means having easy access to some of the most enjoyable nightlife spots in the state. There are so many fun and hip spots around the downtown area that you can try a new one most weekends!

But getting to and from your favorite spots can be a hassle, especially if you enjoy having a few cocktails while you are out. A taxi is okay in a pinch, but it is never a good experience.

The only way to make a night out in Bakersfield a special occasion is to use the best Bakersfield Leisure Car Service. By renting a luxury sedan or limousine for the night, you are classing up the evening for everyone involved!


Date Night

Whether you are in a relationship, living together or married, it is good to enjoy a few nights out to celebrate. Maybe you both had a tough week at work or you are celebrating a big occasion.

Renting a limousine and going out to some fun spots, such as Benji’s French restaurant or The Belvedere in The Padre Hotel, will liven up your weekend. And the fun begins the moment you see a classy limousine outside your driveway, ready to take you on a wonderful adventure!

Night Out With Friends

Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam after a hard few weeks. Get together with a few friends, rent a limousine and go exploring! There are so many fun spots that you can check out in Bakersfield, such as Prospect Lounge and the Casablanca Nightclub.

These places have themed nights, drinks specials and other fun events to keep things interesting. And since you are traveling in a limousine, you can check out every spot without worrying about how you will get there. When the night is done, simply ask your chauffeur to head back home!

It is so much safer going downtown in a limousine, instead of taking someone’s car and then trying to drive back after drinking.


Renting a Party Bus

Bigger occasions call for bigger vehicles! If you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, renting a party bus from a chauffeured transportation company should be your first move.

A party bus will be able to fit up to 30 or 40 people, depending on the model you choose. And these buses come kitted with all sorts of amenities, such as big screen televisions, sound systems, fancy lights and free drinks!

Those are the moments you will never forget – riding across town in a party bus with your closest friends and family during a bachelor or bachelorette party!