Cadillac XTS Corporate Sedan 1 to 3 Passenger

The Cadillac XTS Corporate Sedan 1 to 3 Passenger is the perfect option for classy and safe travels. A luxury sedan that can fit one to three passengers, the Cadillac XTS offers the best of both worlds. Both the exterior and interior exude class, but the XTS is also a very practical vehicle.


Travel to Meetings in Style

Executives and small business owners who attend meetings in the area should always travel in a comfortable and stylish way. With a glossy, black exterior and all the necessary modern amenities, the Cadillac XTS is the perfect vehicle to fulfill such a purpose.

When you show up for an important meeting or a client meeting in a Cadillac XTS, everyone will stop and take notice. It is the perfect vehicle for corporate transportation, as it is not too flashy but still gives off a vibe of ultimate quality.


Unwind or Continue Working in the Back Seat

Traveling around California can be stressful when you are driving or sitting in a taxi. But when you get to travel in a luxury sedan, such as the Cadillac XTS, it is a completely different experience.

Now you can relax in the back seat, while your chauffeur gets you to the next meeting. Or you can catch up on work while you get a ride to the airport for your domestic or international flight. Traveling by road has never been more comfortable, stylish and effortless.


Modern Amenities

The Cadillac XTS is a luxury sedan that offers all the modern amenities that high class clients are accustomed to enjoying. The vehicle provides Wi-Fi internet access, automatic climate control features, two-way communication, a color television that includes a DVD player, satellite radio and MP3 listening options.

When you ride a luxury sedan such as the Cadillac XTS with a top limo company, you will receive additional amenities as well. Complimentary water bottles and snacks are a common perk, while passengers can also request champagne or other amenities if needed.


Travel Safely, Arrive on Time and With Style

When traveling for business, arriving on time and with style is so important. The Cadillac XTS will get you to your destination comfortably and in style, while a chauffeur from a top limo company will ensure that you arrive on time.

Instead of stressing about your next business trip, you can look forward to sitting in a luxury vehicle and enjoying yourself.