Chrysler 300 Super Stretch Limo

While regular limousines are perfect for trips involving less people or business occasions, there are moments where the outlandishness of a stretch limousine is perfect! And those are the moments where booking the Chrysler 300 Super Stretch Limo is the best way to get ready for a major night out.


The Ultimate Stretch Limousine

The Chrysler 300 is the ultimate super stretch limousine, with seating for up to 10 guests. It features a very sleek window design, while the interior is as classy and upscale as you would expect. The seating is limousine style and leather, providing the ultimate combination of fun and comfort.

With the Chrysler 300, guests get the ultimate limousine experience. There is an interior laser light show as part of the interior, with buttons that make it very easy to change the color scheme on the fly. A sound system is also built into the limousine, providing incredible bass and punchy trebles when listening to tunes.


Impress Business Clients

If you have a few business clients visiting the area over the next few weeks, you may want to take them for a tour of the local nightlife in style. They will certainly never forget riding in the Chrysler 300, sipping on drinks and heading to some of the fanciest restaurants, bars and clubs in the area!

These experiences can make all the difference during a business deal. Mingling after hours, treating clients to a luxurious experience and showcasing the best your city has to offer can help seal the deal. And with the Chrysler 300, you know everyone will have a blast when they are riding into town in this stretch limousine!


Perfect for Intimate Bachelorette Parties

Not everyone wants 30 or 40 people attending their bachelorette party. Perhaps you would rather enjoy the experience with eight or nine of the most important people in your life.

The Chrysler 300 is a stretch limousine that will elevate your bachelorette party in a major way. From marveling at the laser lights inside to relaxing on the leather seats, all your girlfriends will have a blast. And when you book the limo from the best provider in the area, you also get a personable chauffeur to take you around town to the best nightlife spots.

Elevate your next night out, business excursion or bachelorette party with the Chrysler 300 Super Stretch Limo. With its sleek and stylish exterior, luxury interior and incredible amenities, it is a truly unique traveling experience.