Event Transportation in Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is an incredible place to live or visit. It is a stone’s throw away from Los Angeles, making it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway or a short vacation.

The weather is great, atmosphere is very friendly and there is always a fun event or festival taking place in the area. It is why Palm Springs is often the number one vacation spot for people who live in California and neighboring states.


Events in Palm Springs, California

There is rarely a week in Palm Springs without a fun event or festival. The Desert Arts Festival is an exciting event downtown that takes place during Veterans Day Weekend. It is a four-day show that celebrates some of the most unique art and culture from the area.

Golf is huge in this part of the world. The Career Builder Challenge Golf Tournament could be an incredible opportunity for any golf enthusiast who wants to test their game against the best. It is also a great networking event for entrepreneurs and young businessmen.


Coachella and Other Music Festivals

People travel from around the world to attend Coachella. Being in California means that it is only a car ride away! If you do not want to bother with taking your car and dealing with parking, you can look to companies that offer chauffeured event transportation in Palm Springs, California instead.

Renting a limousine with all your friends for the Coachella weekend is the best way to experience the festival. Your chauffeur gets you there safely, lets you get out at the most convenient spot and then takes care of the limo until you are ready to head home.

If you prefer a different type of music, the Stagecoach Country Music Festival is held in the spring every year. The top country artists from around the United States show up for the event. It is an event that any country music fan in California should experience at least once!


Community Events

While the huge events in Palm Springs can be an incredible experience, there are plenty of smaller community events you could check out as well. Villagefest in downtown Palm Springs is a great experience!

There will be thousands of people at some of these events, which is why renting a limousine is the ideal way to experience the magic of Palm Springs. You can hang out at a festival for as long as you want, before getting a ride back to your house or hotel at night!