Going Green: Why Hiring a Limo is the Eco-Friendly Choice

When we hear about limousines, it is often about the luxurious experience or the classy nature of the vehicle. Many people are not even aware that limos are eco-friendly. Not only do limousines provide an excellent transportation service, but they help reduce the overall carbon footprint in an area.


Hiring a Limo is Eco-Friendly

Think about the circumstances that may cause you to hire a limo. It is often when you are planning a trip, heading to a special occasion or going out with a big group. These are occasions where you may head out in one or multiple cars if you were not renting a limo.

Instead of driving your older car, which may not have a very good emissions rating, you could ride in a luxury limousine or sedan. The best limousine service providers in the area will regularly update their vehicles. And the latest limousines are very eco-friendly. They have low emissions rates and get great gas mileage.

Riding in a limo is better for the environment than going out in your old car, which will create a lot more pollution!


Carpooling in a Limo

If you were to visualize carpooling, you would be thinking about families who get together to drop their kids at the same school. Or co-workers who ride to work in one car instead of taking two. But limousines represent carpooling as well.

Say you are planning to head out for a night of partying with a big group of friends. There are six or seven of you. More people than would fit in a single car. If you did not take a limousine, you would ride in two or three cars.

Now compare the carbon footprint of three cars on the road and a single limousine. Everyone fits into a single limousine comfortably. You get to sit together, talk, share stories and have a wonderful time. And you are helping the environment at the same time!

While the absolute best way to help the environment is to ride a bike or use public transit, these options are not always available.

If you live in an area where the closest attractions are 20 or 30 miles away, driving is the only serious way you can get to places. And hiring a limo for a night, especially as a group of friends or family members, is much better for the environment than everyone driving in their own car!