How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limousine? (and Common FAQs)

Limousines are associated with class, sophistication, and luxury. They are rightly seen as stunning vehicles that you rent for special occasions. But limousines are also very practical. They can be used for airport transportation, business meetings, non-emergency medical transportation and more!


How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Limousine

Renting a limousine is a lot more affordable than most people realize. Unlike taxis or Ubers, you are not billed per mile. The charges are by the hour. If you rent a limo for six hours, you can take it across town as many times as you want for the same price!

The best limousine companies offer loyalty programs, where regular customers get discounts on future rides to further bring down the cost. And if you are planning a party or a night out with friends, everyone can chip in to bring the per person cost to less than a taxi ride!


Common Limousine Questions Answered


Can I choose the vehicle for my trip?

Yes, a top limousine company has an entire fleet of vehicles available for customers. When completing a booking online or over the phone, a customer can specify the car they need for the occasion.


What is supplied within the limo?

Each limousine will have special amenities, such as a sound system, fancy lights and so on. Buckets of ice are a common amenity, allowing guests to bring their own champagne, liquor or beer. Water and soft drinks are supplied by the limousine company.


Can I leave my bag in the car during the trip?

Yes, when you rent a limousine it is your vehicle for those hours. Professionally trained chauffeurs will never touch your belongings. If you are heading to a bar or nightclub, you can leave your bag inside. Just remember to take it when you get dropped off at home!


Is it possible to ride in a limousine while underage?

Yes! Limousines are not only for business occasions and weddings. They are widely used by teenagers heading to prom with a date or their friends. Just remember that if you are under-21, you are not legally permitted to drink in the state. And that means you cannot have any alcohol with you in the limousine, period.


Will my driver wait for us outside?

When you rent a limousine, you are getting access to the car and chauffeur for the agreed hours. If you are at a party for three hours, your driver will be outside waiting patiently. The second you are ready to go, call or send him a text and he will pull up the car to the entrance.