How To ‘First Date’ the Right Way

First dates can be nerve wracking experiences, but they can also be the start of a special relationship that lasts a lifetime. The impression you make on a first date could determine whether you get a second one. It is why making the right choices during that date is so important. Here is a quick guide on how to ‘first date’ the right way.


Pick the Right Moment to Ask

Did you know that women are more likely to commit to a date if they are asked outdoors on a bright day? Sunlight improves someone’s mood and makes them more sociable. If you are planning to ask a special person in your life, pick a gorgeous, sunny day to pop the first date question!


Create a Fun Evening

“Dinner and a movie” is often dubbed a classic first date. But heading to a movie on a first date is not the best way to get a second one! It is much better to plan a fun evening where you can talk with the other person, learn more about them and enjoy shared interests!

Find out what your date enjoys doing. Perhaps they love going to an arcade, checking out a winery or exploring local museums. Plan the first date accordingly. Then find a spot for dinner and drinks nearby – completing the perfect night!

Transportation is Very Important

While you may not care if you ride the bus, take the subway or sit in a taxi, those experiences do not fit with first dates. Would you rather sit in a crowded, dirty bus on a first date or experience a luxury limousine?

Treat your date to a night they will never forget. Rent a limousine for the night and show up outside their door a few minutes before the start of the date! You will make an incredible first impression, creating the environment for the ideal first date.


Drink Within Your Limits

First dates are bound to make anyone nervous. If you like to relax with a few drinks, it could help you engage in conversation and have a great experience. But you do not want to overdo it either. Drinking to the point of being drunk is never a good move on a first date! You should be slightly tipsy, so you are relaxed, comfortable and focused on getting to know your date.

A first date can be a scary experience, but the right planning could set you up for an incredible night!