How to Impress a High-Dollar Client

Starting a business in California offers a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. The state has as booming economy, an enormous tech center and access to investors who want to put their money in the right projects.

If you are seeking a high value investor or looking to partner with a major client to boost your business, the first in-person meeting is critical. You may converse a few times over the phone or Skype. Those calls can help establish the relationship. But the face-to-face meeting will make or break the deal.


How to Impress a Client

High dollar clients expect VIP treatment. If you are expecting someone to partner with your firm or invest a lot of money in your venture, they must be impressed with more than just your business. They must connect with you.

Start by hiring a limousine to chauffeur them around for the duration of the trip. Many businesses make the mistake of assuming a high value client can arrange transportation themselves. They could, but when it comes from your company, it sends the right message.

A chauffeured limo will pick them up from the airport, take them to a hotel and then your offices for the first meeting. You could even travel in the limousine to greet them at the airport to add a personal touch.


Pitch Your Business

Your pitch must be prepared, authentic, natural and convincing. But you must never come off as desperate. The client or investor knows what you are asking. But the way you present must show off the qualities of the business – and how a partnership would help both sides.

Answer questions thoroughly, let department heads speak about matters where they have greater expertise and ensure every relevant bit of information was provided to the client.


Connecting Out of the Office

The pitch is only part of securing a high value client or investor. Connecting out of the office can help clinch a deal, especially if there are other companies circling for the same deal.

Plan a great night, including dinner at a fancy restaurant, drinks at a bar and some time at a trendy club. Book a limousine for the whole night, as it will add to the luxurious experience! Ensure your client or investor feels like they are getting a personalized, authentic tour of the city’s trendiest spots.

Socializing with a client is not about partying on the company dime. It is a moment where you can connect on a personal level. If they trust you out of the office, they are more likely to deal with your company professionally.