Keep Your Employees Safe at Your Next Holiday Office Party

With the holiday season in full swing, companies are beginning to prepare for holiday parties to celebrate the past 12 months. These parties can be a great moment for co-workers to come together, have a few drinks and unwind for a night.

But there are safety concerns with holiday parties, especially when alcohol is involved. Events such as Halloween and Christmas parties can lead to a surprising number of drink driving incidents and road accidents.


Risk of Drink Driving Incidents

Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that around 48% of the traffic fatalities on Halloween happened because of drink driving. These figures are similar for events such as New Years as well.

When employees are left to decide how they will get to and from a holiday party, many will come in their own cars. Some people may carpool, but it still involves one person having to drive home.

It can be easy to have a few drinks and assume that you are safe to drive. Such behavior can lead to accidents on the road and other problems.


Hiring Transportation For Holiday Parties

Companies can avoid such an issue by using chauffeured transportation for their employees. By hiring a few limousines and luxury sedans, there will be enough cars to get everyone home safely.

Another option is to rent a party bus for the night. It could pick up employees at their homes or the office, transport them to the party location, and then drop them off at their homes when the night is over.

By renting limousines or a party bus through a reputable transportation company, you can provide safe and luxurious rides to your employees. They will be so excited to sit inside a party bus on the way to the company holiday party!


Limiting Alcohol Consumption

Even if employees are being given a ride home in a limousine or party bus, it is not a good idea for people to be binge drinking at holiday parties. Companies can get around this issue by issuing a few drink tickets to each person, instead of having an open bar.

Pairing drink tickets with some healthy food options will ensure that people are making better choices at the party. Now everyone can have fun, without companies worrying about their employees getting alcohol poisoning!

By providing transportation and moderating alcohol consumption, companies can ensure their holiday parties go off without a hitch this year!