Mercedes Sprinter Mini Limo Bus

Special occasions deserve a vehicle that can match the moment. And nothing says stylish and exotic quite like the Mercedes Sprinter Mini Limo Bus. It is the perfect vehicle for a night out in the city, bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding festivities or a company gathering.


Ride Into Town With Style

With space for up to 14 people, the Mercedes Sprinter is the ultimate limousine for a luxurious and stylish experience. The interior is gorgeous, with premium wrap-around limo style seating. And there is a full service bar made out of solid wood! Talk about class!

Those who are bored with the typical interior lighting can easily change it up, thanks to the LED color changing system. And the Sprinter Mini offers full privacy for the group, with windows and shades that ensure no prying eyes can see what is happening inside.


Impress Clients

Are important clients coming to visit your firm in the next few weeks? You may want to take them out on the town after all the meetings are complete. It is amazing how a bit of fun at a nightclub or bar can lighten the mood and increase the chances of a partnership between firms.

The Mercedes Sprinter Mini will certainly impress your clients. Everyone can sit together, sip champagne or fancy cocktails, listen to music through the powerful sound system and enjoy the ride!

There are even two 42-inch flat screen televisions, if the group needs more entertainment while they are in traffic. People often complain about rush hour and night traffic in California, but it is a different experience in a luxury limousine! Your party will not even notice if it takes an extra 30 minutes getting to the first spot, as everyone is having so much fun.


Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party is an important responsibility. Your close friend or family member trusted you to plan the evening, so everyone would have a great time. Booking the Mercedes Sprinter Mini Limo Bus through the best transportation service company in the area is a good first step!

So long as the group is 14 people or less, everyone can comfortably fit into the stylish limousine as you head off to the festivities. The best part about renting a limo with a chauffeur is that you can go anywhere you like!

Instead of worrying about the distances between locations or the sobriety of the driver, everyone can get together, have a few drinks, unwind and safely arrive at the next spot!