Pick Your Guests Up in Style: Transport Van 14 Passenger


When a huge group is visiting an area, transportation can be a bit of a nightmare. Not everyone can fit into one or two taxis, resulting in a mad dash to try and secure cars for everyone.

But what if that hassle could be avoided? When picking up large groups, it is best to look at vehicles such as the Transport Van 14 Passenger. And when those vehicles come with a chauffeur, the entire experience becomes a walk in the park!


Transport Van – 14 Passenger

The 14 passenger Transport Van is perfect for occasions where the arriving party is more than five people. Such groups cannot fit in a single vehicle, even if it is a luxury sedan or SUV. Renting a transport van is the only comfortable solution.

With a classy exterior, the Transport Van makes a great impression on anyone who will see the group traveling. It is a classy and understated vehicle, ideal for family gatherings or business conventions.

The interior is simple, sleek and comfortable. Up to 14 passengers can sit in spacious seats, with individual seat belts. No one in the group will feel left out or isolated, while there are plenty of opportunities for good conversation while heading to the next destination.


Traveling to a Convention

If you are planning on taking a good portion of your team to a business convention in the next few weeks, renting the Transport Van would be very helpful.

The vehicle and chauffeur will be outside your terminal when your flight arrives. Everyone will fit in the same vehicle, keeping the whole team together. Then you can get to your hotel, check in and explore the area!

By renting the vehicle and chauffeur for a few days, your whole trip will be a much more comfortable experience. Each time you need to travel, your chauffeur is ready! Whether you are heading to the conference venue, restaurants, bars or another location, the whole team can travel together in style.


Receiving Guests

If you are receiving a big party of guests for a business or personal occasion, the Transport Van is an excellent choice of vehicle. Having a chauffeur means that you can mingle with your guests, instead of worrying about driving. And no one gets separated, which can be a very frustrating feeling during trips with big groups!

There is no need to call multiple taxis or Ubers to pick up a big party from the airport. A Transport Van that can fit up to 14 passengers is a much better solution!