So-Cal Festivals: Concerts, Sports, and More Pt.1

What is not to love about Southern California? The weather is incredible, the beach is never too far away, and there is never a week without a fun event where you can have the time of your life.

The beauty of living in SoCal is getting to experience some of the most interesting, exciting and culturally diverse festivals in the world. SoCal festivals are legendary for good reason. Whether you are heading to an event with your significant other, friends or family, there is so much for you to experience.


Concerts in SoCal

Southern California is home to the best music festivals on the planet. Between the Laguna Beach Music Festival, Coachella, Playboy Jazz Festival and the Joshua Tree Music Festival, you can listen to as much live music as you want in SoCal!

Just remember to plan ahead of time. If you are heading there with a group of plans, plan on renting a limousine for the day. Now you can get to the festival, drink and have a wonderful time, and then get home safely!


Experience the World’s Cultures

To say that SoCal is a melting pot would be an understatement. People from around the world with different cultures and experiences come together to create incredible vibes. If you want to experience some new cultures and have a great time, you may want to check out the San Gabriel Lunar New Year Festival, African-American Festival, Latin Food Fest and the Renaissance Pleasure Faire!


Wine and Beer

California is in love with wine and craft beer! If you are a fan of sampling different alcoholic beverages as you mingle with close friends and new pals, the California Wine Festival, Surf ’n’ Suds Beer Festival and Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival will delight you!

Always remember to book a luxury sedan or limousine for these events. No one has to act as designated driver and you do not need to worry about the hassle of parking. You can relax in a luxury limo, have your chauffeur bring the car to your location when you are ready to leave, and get home safe and sound!

There is a festival for everyone in SoCal! If you love art, you can check out Art San Diego and the Catalina Festival of Art in the fall!

There are so many other fun events taking place each week in Southern California. You could head to an event alone to meet new friends or take a group of your closest buddies to the next concert in your area!