So-Cal Festivals: Concerts, Sports, and More Pt.2

Southern California is home to great weather, gorgeous beaches, wineries and some of the best entertainment you can find in the world. Those living in the area and visitors alike get to enjoy some festivals that celebrate arts, culture and life. Whether you are a fan of sports, arts or music, there is always something fun to do in So-Cal!


So-Cal Festivals: The Arts

Are you a fan of the arts? There is nothing more exciting than getting to see new pieces, mingling with artists, drinking great wine and exploring cultures you may not have heard about before.

Festivals such as the Art-A-Fair Festival, Laguna Beach Art Festival, La Jolla Art and Wine Festival and the Beverly Hills ArtSHOW are sure to perk up your interest if you happen to be in the area during those times.

Visiting a festival is about more than checking out new art pieces. It is about the experience. Sharing a limousine with friends, having a few glasses of champagne, meeting new people and embracing the unique atmosphere of a festival can be a life changing experience.


Sports in Southern California

Many people assume SoCal is all about parties, arts and music. While those events get a lot of attention, there are some incredible sports teams in the area as well. If you are a basketball fan, you owe it to yourself to check out Staples Center during the NBA season.

The Lakers and Clippers are both very good teams that will be a joy to watch. With LeBron James joining the Lakers, they will be even more exciting to experience. And those who are worried about parking in and around Staples Center can rent a limousine instead.

Book a limo with your friends and head to the next Lakers or Clippers game! You can have a few beers, dinner after the game and then get a ride home thanks to your chauffeur.


The Best of American Baseball

There is plenty of entertainment for baseball fans in SoCal as well. The area is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers are one of the best teams in the league. If you have never attended a baseball game, it will blow you away!

And who can forget the Los Angeles Rams, the newly moved NFL team that is improving every season. Tailgating in LA can be a wonderful experience, especially if you sort out transportation through a limo provider. Then your friends can have a blast without worrying about how you will get home!