Southern California Nights: Party Bus Rentals Near Me

Bringing a group of people together for a night out can involve a lot of planning!

Not only does everyone have their own schedule, but you must figure out how they will get to and from different nightlife spots during the night.

If you are traveling with three or four people, it is not a big issue. You can rent a limo and have a great time! But major events such as bachelor parties or family reunions may require a larger vehicle.


Party Bus Rentals Near Me

The best way to travel when in a group of more than 15 people is to rent a party bus! These vehicles are enormous and can fit up to 50 people, depending on the model. They are safe, fun and the only way to travel in a big group.

If you are planning a major night out in SoCal, a party bus is the best place to start. Now you can get everyone together at one location, load up the party bus and get going. Since you have a mode of transport for everyone, the night can start early and go on till the early hours of the next day!


Best Nightlife Spots

The beauty of living in SoCal is that you have so many hip nightlife spots to check out. If you want to start the evening with a bit of dancing, you can take your group to The Mayan or Avalon Hollywood. These are great clubs, with The Mayan boasting a Latin flair.

It isn’t all about nightclubs though. Los Angeles is also home to some very chill and enjoyable bars. The Varnish and Good Times at Davey Wayne’s are two classic bars that are perfect for large groups. You can gather a few tables, order some drinks and chill for hours!


Traveling Safely and In Style

The beauty of a party bus for such occasions is that you get the best of both worlds. Everyone is safe, as a professional chauffeur is driving you around. But it is also so much fun, as the party bus is kitted out with all sorts of amenities.

Your party bus will boast free champagne, a sensational sound system, televisions and club-style disco lights. The party does not begin when you get to the first bar or nightclub – it begins when everyone is in the party bus!

When you are planning your next big gathering in SoCal, rent a party bus to tie the night together!