Southern California Wine Tours: Limousine Rental

Southern California is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only is the weather great all year, but it is home to scenic beauty that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It is truly like living in paradise on earth!

If you reside in SoCal, taking a wine tour is a right of passage. The moment you can coordinate a weekend with your closest friends or family, it is time to choose a location and make all the necessary arrangements.


Southern California Wine Tours

There are some incredible wineries in Southern California, which is why a wine tour is a must. What is better than visiting one winery during the day? Getting to experience four or five of them!

The Santa Ynez Valley in Santa Barbara is the perfect place to start. There are world-class wineries in the area, with tasting rooms that will blow your mind. The scenery is incredible, which only adds to the experience.

Santa Monica Mountains

If you love the mountains, a wine tour in Santa Monica should be at the top of your bucket list. The weather is great all year, the Pacific Ocean is nearby and the mountains deliver the type of scenery that will take your breath away. Wineries such as Malibu Family Wines are quaint, family-owned spots that must be experienced.


A Mix of Old and New

The beauty of going on a wine tour in Southern California is that you can experience both old and new wineries. We would suggest alternating, as it makes for a great contrast as you make your way down your list.


Know Everyone’s Preferences

Sit down with your group of friends and learn about the wine each of you loves the most. By knowing your favorite wines, you can plan a tour of the wineries that produce those styles. While it is fun to explore new styles, there is nothing like getting an incredible wine in your favorite style from a Southern California winery.


Book a Limousine for the Trip

Heading on a wine tour means lots of drinking. Instead of forcing someone to act as a designated driver, book a limousine for the duration of the trip. It allows everyone to relax, drink and mingle.

And instead of stressing about traffic, each of you can relax in the back seat of a stretch limousine as you are taken to the next winery! A wine tour is all about relaxation and luxury. Complete the trip by booking a limousine that is fit for such an occasion!