Take a Southern California Wine Tour in Style

With wonderful weather throughout the year and some of the most gorgeous scenery in the United States, it is no wonder that Southern California Wine Tours are so popular. Some of the best vineyards in the Western Hemisphere are located in the region. And it is a great experience for wine enthusiasts who want to sample some of the best wines from the region or want to take their friends on a great trip.

But the best Southern California Wine Tours are not just about the experience at the vineyard, but the entire journey. It is why deciding on a mode of transportation for the trip is key if you want to have a great time. When you are planning a tour of wine country in Southern California with family or friends, we recommend hiring a limousine service.


Picking a Wine Tour

Orange County Wine Tours, OC Wine Trolly, and Malibu Wine and Nature Tours are some of the most famous wine tours in the region. While it is possible to book an entire tour and go on the trip’s arranged transportation, not everyone likes being with a group of strangers while visiting wine country.

A better option is to handpick the wineries that you want to visit over a weekend. Talk with your friends and family to see if they have any spots want to visit. You can always look up wineries online, find the types of wines they specialize in, and craft your trip using that information.


Hiring a Limousine for the Trip

A Southern California wine tour is made so much better when you have a luxury limousine or sedan to take you to different wineries. When your day begins, your friends or family will be gathered at your home, excited about the upcoming adventure. A limousine will roll up outside your door, allowing everyone to take their place inside.

Your chauffeur should already have some idea about where you are planning to go. But you can present them with a detailed itinerary. And if there are any unexpected stops, it is not an issue for them to take a detour. You are booking a limousine for the day, which means you are not charged by the mile!


Affordable Luxury

The beauty of hiring a limousine for a tour of wine country is that you are getting access to affordable luxury. If you are traveling with four or five other people, everyone can pitch in for the limo. Now you get to relax in the back of a luxury car, experience various wineries and get back home safely!