Top 5 Qualities of a Professional Chauffeur

Hiring a limousine service is not only about getting a fancy car for the night. While the vehicle plays a major part in the experience, we can never ignore the impact of a professionally trained chauffeur. These individuals can provide a great service, especially if they are properly vetted and trained.

Here are five qualities to expect in a professional chauffeur when you are booking a limousine service:

1. Great Driver

When you are getting a limousine with a chauffeur from the night, you do not expect to get someone who barely knows how to get around in the city. The individual will be a great driver who knows all the best routes, and is comfortable using a GPS when there is any doubt regarding the best path to the destination.

2. Courteous Demeanor

From the moment a chauffeur gets out and greets you, they should be courteous in their demeanor. We are so used to taxi drivers being grumpy that we assume it is the only way that a driver can behave. Professional chauffeurs are always pleasant, willing to engage in conversation and enjoyable to be around.

3. Helpful

Do you have luggage that needs to be placed in the car? Are you taking some supplies for a party or gathering? Are you heading to a medical appointment and in need of assistance getting into the car?

A chauffeur will be willing to help you in all these situations. A chauffeur is not just there to get you to your destination, but to ensure you have a five-star experience from the first to last minute of the night!

4. Punctual

When you book a taxi or an Uber, you would assume a driver will be anywhere from five to ten minutes late. It is the opposite when you rent a limousine with a chauffeur. Your driver will be outside your front door fifteen or twenty minutes BEFORE your trip is scheduled to begin.

5. Willing To Go The Extra Mile

It does not matter what you need during your night, a chauffeur will do everything possible to make it happen for you. Let us say that you are heading home after a busy night of partying. You are hungry but not sure about what places are nearby. Your chauffuer will look up restaurants, give you an option and then drive you to the one where you want to go!