Transport Van 14 Passenger

A major gathering calls for a vehicle that can keep up! If you are planning a personal or business trip that involves more people than can fit into a car or SUV, a transport van may be the best solution.

The best limousine service provider in the area offers the Transport Van 14 Passenger vehicle for such purposes. It is a high ceiling van that has room for up to 14 people, along with plenty of luggage. The Transport Van is perfect for wedding parties, airport trips or business conventions.


Travel Together

One of the most frustrating aspects of traveling with a big group is needing to separate for travel. Perhaps your extended family has planned a trip to another city or country. The trip will involve 10 to 14 people, which means you would need to get three or four cars when traveling to the airport or another destination.

Now you have another, much better option. The Transport Van 14 Passenger is the ideal vehicle for a family trip. Whether you are heading to a vineyard or another location a few hours away, or you need a ride to the airport, you can travel in style.

The Transport Van has a high ceiling and features a stylish, cloth interior. The seats are arranged in neat rows, with every passenger having plenty of legroom. And there is space for everyone’s luggage too. Now the whole family can travel together, instead of needing to split up!


The Perfect Business Convention

If there is an important business convention taking place in California, your company may want to participate. Conventions are a great way to meet with other businesses, clients, customers, industry experts and enthusiasts.

Traveling to and from the convention area can be frustrating if you are taking a big team. When your team has more than six or seven people, you will need a large vehicle. Renting the Transport Van for an entire week or weekend is affordable and a convenient way to travel.

When you need picking up from the hotel, your Transport Van and chauffeur will be waiting outside! The whole team can travel together, whether you are heading straight to the convention, sight seeing or heading out for a meal.

Not only is traveling together a more convenient way to experience a family trip or business convention, but it adds to the atmosphere. Everyone is riding together in the same vehicle, talking, and creating moments they will not forget for a long time.