Travel to the Next NBA Event Game with a Touch of Class

Living in California means being blessed with so many great NBA teams to follow! Between the Warriors, Lakers and Clippers, there is a great team for everyone. And now you can take your next trip to an NBA game in style thanks to A Touch of Class.


Renting a Limo for the Big Game

Attending an NBA game is about more than just getting to see some athletes play basketball. It is an entire event, which is why you should hire a limousine for the night.

If you are traveling to the game with a few friends, all of you can chip in for the limo. It will be very affordable for each person. You can bring a bottle of champagne or a few beers, which can be placed in coolers inside the limo.

Imagine sipping on champagne as you pull up to Staples Center or the Oracle Arena for an NBA game! It is the type of experience that we assume only the stars get to enjoy. But now it is so affordable, which means that anyone can rent a limousine.


Avoid the Parking Mayhem

Whenever we speak with people who attended a Lakers or Warriors game in the past year, they mention frustrations with parking. It is often necessary to reach the stadium one or two hours before tip off, as you will be able to park and make your way to your seats.

But why would you want to put up with such an experience? When you travel in a limousine or luxury sedan, you avoid all that hassle. Your driver will drop you off at the entrance and park the car. When the game is over, simply text the driver and they will pull up the car so you can all get in.


Catch Your Favorite Team In Person

Unlike other sporting venues, NBA stadiums are fairly small and compact. It is a great experience being anywhere in the stadium, even if you cannot get floor seats for the game. You will feel as if you are right there, getting to see your favorite superstars on the court!

If transportation is the reason why your friends were reluctant to spend money on NBA tickets for a Warriors, Lakers or Clippers game, A Touch of Class has got you covered. Now you can get an affordable limousine or luxury sedan for the evening, ensuring your trip to and from the stadium is a comfortable one!