Use a Chauffeured Sedan to Impress Your Most Important Clients

Running a startup or a small business means having to impress others in the business world, as those connections can make or break the future of your company. Whether you are meeting an investor, client or a potential addition to your upper management team, making a great impression can go a long way to securing a deal.


How To Impress a Client

In any industry, clients expect first class treatment when they are meeting with companies in California. While your client may have the means to get their own car from the airport, it is a courtesy that you send a limousine or luxury sedan to pick them up.

A chauffeur should be outside their terminal, holding a sign with their name and position on it. Many see it as an over the top move. But it is a move that will earn you a lot of respect, as it shows you will go the extra mile for your clients, investors or future hires.


Reliable Transportation Service

If you have a client visiting the area for a few days, hire the limousine or luxury sedan for the duration of the trip. The chauffeur will inform your client they have access to the car for their whole trip.

If they need to pick up any supplies, stop by at the hotel before your first meeting, or visit any other location, the chauffeur can take them to those spots.


Mobile Meetings

Doing business in California means living a busy life! Everyone is juggling various clients, tasks and meetings. Sometimes the first place you will meet a client is inside a limousine or luxury sedan.

Now imagine trying to talk with a client inside a taxi or Uber. Is that a way to make a first impression? But if you get into their luxury sedan or limo, they will be pleased to meet you. And you can hit it off as you ride to your office or another location.


Experience Nightlife in Style

When clients visit your city, they expect to be entertained in the evening. Your meetings are over, negotiations have reached a tipping point, and it is time to blow off some steam.

What better way to show your client a great time than riding in a limousine through downtown? They can get to experience the glitz and glamor, while you can take them to a few of the hippest bars, restaurants or clubs.