Why You Should Choose a Limo Over a Taxi (hint: It’s not why you think)

Many people assume that limousine services are only designed for the very rich or important. But it is not the case anymore.

Limousine service providers have worked hard to provide affordable services to the everyday customer. Choosing a limo over a taxi now makes sense for many reasons – some of which you may not even have realized!


Limo Drivers Are Professional

The number one complaint that people have with taxi services is the rudeness or lack of professionalism from the drivers. It is normal for a taxi driver to arrive 15 or 20 minutes late with no apology.

They will try to take longer routes to make more money or trick you in other ways. This does not happen with a limo service. From the moment you book, you are treated to a professional experience.

Your chauffeur arrives early, helps you get your possessions in the car and gets you to the destination safely!


You Can All Fit In a Limo

When traveling with the whole family or a large group of friends, you may find yourself needing to call multiple taxis. Why split up the group when everyone can travel together in a limousine or party bus?

If you are traveling with five to seven people, a limousine should be perfect. Larger groups could look at stretch limos or party buses, depending on your tastes and the occasion.

Now everyone can sit together, sip on their favorite drinks, tell stories and begin your traveling experience in style!


Save Money On Longer Trips

So many customers assume that a taxi will always be cheaper than a limousine. But it is not true. Limousines are increasingly affordable thanks to lower rates, loyalty programs and free rides.

But they are also more affordable for longer trips. If you are planning on a night out where you will call a taxi five or six times, renting a limo for the night will cost less money. And when you split it with family or friends, it is even cheaper.

Limos are also a great option for day trips. Say you are planning a tour of wine country with the family. No one wants to take their car, which leaves taxis or a limousine service.

Not only is it more inconvenient to call a taxi each time you need to go somewhere, but they will charge you by the mile for longer trips. In contrast, a limousine service only charges you for the hours you rent the limo – regardless of where you go!